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昨天看到讓香蕉芭比開心的昆士蘭香蕉相關新聞,肯定要來分享一下。香蕉芭比之所以稱之為香蕉芭比全然因為昆士蘭重點農產品之一便是香蕉啊!而這昆士蘭象徵性的香蕉產業終於開始有復甦的趨向了。在年初的 Cyclone Yasi 颱風水災等重擊了昆士蘭的農產業,一度讓香蕉的價錢飆升不少,目前價錢終於逐漸減低。之前香蕉芭比上布理斯本廣播節目『咖啡狂想曲』時也跟主持人小小討論到,當時香蕉的昂貴價格。


新聞指出,香蕉為澳洲人最喜愛的水果之一。而接下來隨著價格降低,大家可以盡情的享受這甜蜜的昆士蘭農產品。在昆士蘭 Tully 以及 Innisfail 地區,香蕉產量更受到 95% 的劇烈影響,北昆士蘭 Atherton Tablelands 則有 10% 傷害,Kennedy 以及Cardwell 南邊則 100% 受創。大宗的澳洲香蕉產量皆凝聚於北昆士蘭熱帶地區,由此可見整個蕉農受到風水災打擊損失非常慘重,隨著產量大減,香蕉價格也直直瘋狂飆漲。經過了七個月的重建,現在終於很開心看到香蕉又再次豐收,價格也趨於平穩。今年11月應該會是大豐收的季節。


香蕉產業價值高達澳幣 $4.5 億元,而前幾個月平均約 75% 產量受損;更有許多香蕉因為不夠漂亮,而被大型超市退貨;因此大家對於香蕉以及蕉農們的支持是非常需要的!也因此,透過許多行銷活動,也更加鼓勵大家多吃這高營養的水果聖品。澳洲聯邦政府以及州政府也大力補助協助蕉農的產量穩定,重建綠油油的香蕉園。其實關於香蕉的問題,不只在澳洲,之前台灣蕉農也一直面臨產量過多的相反狀態,供過於求價格大跌。在澳洲,現在香蕉不單單提供新鮮的,也製作成Banana Bread蛋糕、冰棒、果汁或是果乾等加工製品,並且也有研究投入利用香蕉生產 Bio-Fuel 生質燃料等。希望以後在澳洲的香蕉需求量會跟著價格,回到穩定面。


另外,小分享。本新聞稿標題之『Goes Bananas』為英文 Slang 俚語 的用法,意思為『為之瘋狂、失控、狂熱等』等。比方說,前幾個月澳幣攀升時,也有媒體下標:『Aussie Dollar Goes Bananas』澳幣狂升之意。因此本篇新聞稿 Queensland Goes Bananas 其實指香蕉產業將會再次受到激烈歡迎之意,有雙關用語。


希望大家接下來都可以 Go Bananas 盡情多買多吃可愛金黃色的串串蕉,高纖維又含有高營養的水果保養美容聖品!跟香蕉芭比一樣,一起熱愛香蕉,支持蕉農喔!


Queensland Goes Bananas 全篇英文新聞稿如下:

Premier Anna Bligh said Queensland's iconic banana industry has turned the corner after being battered by Cyclone Yasi earlier this year.  "In the next few weeks we can expect the prices of bananas to reduce as supply from Far North Queensland continues to increase," Ms Bligh said.  "This is welcome news for banana lovers across the country as I know there has been national discussion of banana prices since Cyclone Yasi.  


"Bananas are Australia's favourite fruit and I'm encouraging everyone to take advantage of the lower prices in the coming weeks and months and treat yourself to a great Queensland product.  "Yasi caused enormous damage when it hit the coast between Innisfail and Cardwell in the early hours of 3rd February.  


"This is prime banana growing country and there was widespread damage to crops - what you might call banana bending on a massive scale!  "A massive 95 per cent of major production was affected in the Tully and Innisfail region, approximately 10 per cent on the Atherton Tablelands and a further 100 per cent in the Kennedy area south of Cardwell. 


 "With most of Australia's bananas grown in tropical north Queensland, this was a body blow to the industry.  "But now, seven months later we are seeing banana growers in North Queensland bouncing back with more and more bananas becoming available.  "This means prices are starting to come down and will continue to decrease as supply recovers and reaches peak production in November. 


 "This is great for banana growers, great for consumers, and also signals another milestone in our recovery from the summer of natural disasters," she said.  Australian Banana Growers' Council (ABGC) President Cameron MacKay said growers are 'over the moon' that supplies of Australia's number one fruit will once again start to satisfy consumer demand.  


"We'd like to thank consumers for their patience and understanding during this time of re-growth - production levels are certainly on their way up and this is good news for everyone," Mr MacKay said.  "With industry worth more $450 million, a total of 75 per cent was affected and the support shown by our State and Federal Government was much needed and appreciated," Mr MacKay said.  


Ms Bligh said throughout the year the Queensland Government has been working with growers and industry to provide every support available to help in the recovery.  "Shortly after Cyclone Yasi, Biosecurity Queensland was able to negotiate ongoing market access arrangements that allowed North Queensland growers to certify fruit harvested from fallen plants," Ms Bligh said.  "This gave growers an additional two week supply of bananas which they could sell and consumers an extra two weeks of supply.  "Grants and enhanced concessional loans were made available to eligible primary producers and many banana producers have accessed this financial assistance so they could rebuild their business.  


"At the time of Cyclone Yasi industry and growers were confident they could be back up and running within 8 months and I'm pleased they have been able to fulfil their goal," she said.


新聞來源:昆士蘭州政府媒體部 Media, Premier and Minister for Reconstruction, The Honourable Anna Bligh 25/09/2011




Queensland goes bananas - Australia - NZ Herald News


Australian Banana Growers' Council (ABGC) 澳洲香蕉農業發展協會官網:http://www.abgc.org.au

Address: Unit 3, South Gate East Commercial Centre 250 Sherwood Rd ROCKLEA  QLD  4106

Ph: (+61 7) 3278 4786



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