When I received the latest Tourism on Q newsletter, I was so excited to see "Get blogging to Win - Boost your Vitamin Me Levels and WIN a $5000 holiday in Queensland" co-promoted by Tourism Queensland and Asia Pacific’s First Blog Advertising Community, Nuffnang Australia. I am IN IN IN and I wanna WIN WIN WIN!!!


For the very first time, I'm blogging in English! It's not that I can't write in English, but as a Queenslander, the purpose for me to start my "Best Memo of Queensland" blog in Chinese is because I would like to share my beautiful hometown with more Asian friends.  Expressing myself in Chinese will help my Asian friends feel more closely connected with Queensland.  Also, Queensland is the home of largest Taiwanese community in Australia, and also has a very strong presence of Chinese reader from other part of Asia.


I have been very lucky travel to many places around the World, including Paris, London, Vienna, Innsbruck, Prague, Berlin, New York, DC, Taiwan, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, Seoul, Japan, Singapore etc.. Althought I love seeing what the World has to offer, my favourite destination is where I called home, Queensland!

I first came across the "Vitamin Me" new domestic advertising at last year's 2011 Tourism Queensland Awards Gala Dinner.  Here's the advertising clip if you haven't see it from my old post.  Vitamin Me, according to the description on the Tourism Queensland website, "it is activated by adrenaline, wonder and excitement. Found in oysters, white wine, nature and good times. It’s the antidote to routine, an elixir for the spirit!"  For me, Vitamin Me is boosted throughout daily life living in this wonderful state, it's about living, it's about experiences.  Queensland has the A-Z of all Vitamins, from the Atherton Tableland in North Queensland to Zillmere nearby the Brisbane CBD.  Queensland is friendly, and fun.  You can enjoy Vitamin Me for few days or a long vacation here and still a lot to discover!


I took a quick test of my Vitamin Me level on the Tourism Queensland Website ... My gosh, I thought I'd be at the top of the range scoring higher than 76, but it says I'm a deflated beach ball and feeling a little flat right now.  It must from my recent one month overseas vocation causing my Vitamin Me levels to drop so low... I need to recharge my Vitamin Me now that I'm back in Sunny Queensland, and there are several ways that I have already enjoy my Vitamin Me throughout my daily life living here....


One of the quickest and most beautiful ways to top up my Vitamin Me level is is to visit the world heritage listed "Great Barrier Reef" ! I have been to the outer reef twice, there are so many activities to do out there and every time I go, time flies and its just never enough..... 


All the refreshing Vitamin Me from the beautiful reef, much better than the Algae Dietary Supplements!


Snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef soaking in a tank of Vitamin Me!


I found more Vitamin Me when scuba diving to discover magnificent underwater coral reefs, the hidden underwater beauty in Queensland!


If you haven't had a chance to visit the World's heritage Great Barrier Reef or you are too scared to go scuba diving, another option in to boost your Vitamin Me with underwater beauty can be easily found in the Sunshine Coast's Underwater World!


There are so many transportation methods help you reach your Vitamin Me level, you can fly, train, swim, dive, run, drive or even hot-air ballon whichever you prefer!


The most romantic Vitamin Me is taking a helicopter ride over the Heart Reef!


My Vitamin Me levels must have been at its peak when I couldn’t stop saying “WOW” when I saw the beautiful Whitehaven beach from the sky~ 


Happy smile with lots of Vitamin Me!


Cairns, the only places where the heritage listed, rainforest meets the heritage listed reef.... de-stressing Vitamin Me!


Sailing to find your oceanic Vitamin Me, leant from our Queensland's World record breaking youngest solo sailor, Jessica Watson!


Instead of sailing, I enjoyed my sunset champagne cruising around the picturesque beaches of Queensland!


If you don’t think you’re getting enough energic Vitamin Me cruising on a yacht, you may want to jump in a kyake and row yourself along the scenic Brisbane river with Riverlife.


We all need our coffee Vitamin Me everyday! Enjoy award winning Bellisimo Coffee, a cup of excellence at the popular Dandelion & Driftwood or visit the old time favourite, Little Italy - La Dolce Vita at Milton Park Road, Brisbane!


My friends who live in Queensland tell me that they always love a good Queensland brunch! Morning Vitamin Me with a big breakfast to kick start a casual weekend... yum! Queensland also has its own celebrity chef and I often need to get my Vitamin Me from fine dining.  Some of my recent favourite award winning restaurants in Brisbane including Ortiga and Esquire.  Apart from that, we even have the best Japanese ramen in Australia at Taro's Cafe and authentic Taiwanese cuisine at the Glamorous Wok!


Seafood platter also enriches your Vitamin Me level, Queensland has an extensive menu of local produce, our seafood is also world renowned! We also love our prawn Barbie on Queensland Day, 6th of June every year!


Sweet Vitamin Me is also a must, enjoy local fruit flipper and gelatos at Award Winning Milany's - such a pleasure! Don't forget to also try a scoop of banana; it is the "Best Gelato" in Australia! 


Queensland's iconic Lamington Cake will also help to toast up your Vitamin Me level!


Freestyle Tout's "A little Bit of Queensland" dessert - a  macadamia slice and ice cream is another State origin Vitamin Me Boost! If this is not enough, head over to Freestyle Escape in the Sunshine Coast and enjoy your private villa stay overnight to get your double shot of Vitamin Me!


For the happy hours, you have to try the local Bundaberg Rum or XXXX Beer! You can even find the hidden laneways bar, Brew in Brisbane city!


For a non-alcoholic Vitamin Me drinker, old-time local flavourite Bundaberg Ginger Beer will also help you recharge.


No girls will say no to a Shopping Spree Vitamin Me! Queens Plaza in Brisbane is my must go and there are also several outlets around town!


The Vitamin Me recharge journey in Queensland continue to take steps further with my new purchase.  This pair of thong is from a popular Queensland brand Holster!!!


Learning helps me to grow, my skilful Vitamin Me is found in many types of class in Queensland! I particularly enjoyed cooking classes and coffee cupping sessions, something practical in my daily routines!


Surfing is so fun and recharged my Vitamin Me and feeling all energetic! Every March, there's Noosa Festival of Surfing.  If you are worried to chanllenge yourself and become a real surfer, just simply dress yourself in our local brand Billabong will also give you a cool sporty look!


Adventure tours often tests your courage, my powerful Vitamin Me strenghted after Jungle surfing tour, but holds back when I about to try out skydiving.... 


You can enjoy a different kind of beauty Vitamin Me as the season changes, my favourite in Queensland has got to be the purple Jacaranda in spring!


Feeling detoxed after a relaxing SPA treatment at Palm Cove Peppers resort, another way to release the pressure of life with de-stressed Vitamin Me!


Culture Vitamin Me is also very important to me, GOMA is my most frequented visited place in Brisbane!


Local aborigines also broaden my culture Vitamin Me experiences! There are aboriginal parks like Tjapukai or other aboriginal arts gallery around the State!


The best thing about Queensland is we get to see the city side and also the country side! 


We all love races and competitions, to win or just for a bit of social fun! In Queensland, there's the annual Gold Coast Magic Millions Carnival or simply just enjoy a polo game at  Paspaley Polo In The City.


Healthy sporty Vitamin Me cannot be missed a local favourite football game, GO MAROON!!! GO BRONCOS!!!!


Walking along  the Southbank boardwalk, I’m very happy to see  the city shine again after the devastating floods event last year.  While we hope to raise awareness of climate change, it’s a blessing Vitamin Me walking under sparkling stars! 


Even beautiful birds want to get closed to you and be friendly in Queensland~

iPhone 4.jpg

When I want to party like there’s no tomorrow, there are the party tours around the State! I've joined Plan B Party tour on the Gold Coast , sexy Vitamin Me rejuvenating right away! 


Sometimes, just strolling through the Redcliffe seeing wild tiny blossom can make me smile, and feeling the happy Vitamin Me!


Looking out the lounge window at Qualia, Hamilton Island, the beautiful scenery in Queensland is truely amazing and surreal like paintings.  Its as if I'm Alice in the wonderland and I can't wait to explore more.....


Many Asian friends often ask me to buy all kind of health supplements for them at duty free or gifted them as sourvenir in the past, nowadays, I often welcome them to just visit Queensland and top up on all their Vitamin Me needed!!!! EASY!!!


Now, I want and can't wait to boost my Vitamin Me level to 100.  Pretty please with strawberry on top.... If I win this competition, my next dream Queensland destination will be visiting the Outback Queensland, I still want to visit Lizard Island where our Tourism Queensland Ambassador, Ben Southall once had a romantic encounter with a sea turtle.  I'm also hoping to go back to the beautiful Great Barrier Reef again and I certainly wouldn't want to miss out on the biggest world event this year, the Solar Eclipse in Cairns this November!  So in true Queensland Style, please pick me, BANANA BARBIE for this VITAMIN ME competition!!!!


The Vitamin competition will runs until 3pm AEDST 10th February 2012, hurry my blogging friends if you are interested, but this time, competition is opened only for all bloggers across Australia!


Competition Details/Official Website: Nuffnang Australia | Asia Pacific’s First Blog Advertising Community » » Boost your Vitamin Me Levels and WIN a $5000 holiday in Queensland http://www.nuffnang.com.au/blog/2012/01/24/boost-your-vitamin-me-levels-in-qld/


You may also wish to check out how our Tourism Queensland Ambassdor Ben did as demonstration for this competition: Best Expedition in the World » Nuffnang Blogger Competition


To win or not, please continue to follow this "Best Memo of Queensland" blog by Banana Barbie! I look forward to discover more hidden beauties within Queensland, from my local perspective and boost as much Vitamin Me with you in the future~

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